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  1. Olen Paavo Arhinmäen kanssa hyvitysmaksun laajentamisen kannalla.Jotkut vastustajat näyttävät unohtavan, että hyvitysmaksu onkertamaksu, mikä vähentää sen vaikutusta tallentavien laitteiden jo 5 vuoden käyttöaikana vain viidesosaan käytetystä rahamäärästä. Se ei ole “vero” vaan kulttuurisijoitus, jonka tulevaa tuottoa on monipuolisempi muiaakkstirjonti.Allekirj. Biisinikkari

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  4. DaveFla:On anti-fogging – there are several anti-fogging compounds out there which will help. I've used three, and of the three, the best was a crayon-like substance called Crystal-Brite which I got at a county fair. I haven't seen it before or since.Another class of anti-fogging products are those that are used in boating/diving on boat windows, dive masks, etc.I believe several of the helmet manufacturers have also marketed anti-fogging compounds at one time or another.BoxStockRacer

  5. Very cool. Bosley, thanks for joining us again at FFC. Your advice and ideas definitely are wise, but this is my favorite:“One who is good with story and structure, and one who is good with grammar and punctuation.” We often forget these components take a different mindset.

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  7. hi,My confusion, if it is confusion, is that I haven’t seen the hardware and software match up together. I’ve tried Win 8 on a Lenovo Tablet as well. But in this current age, it is the hardware/software marriage that makes or breaks a Tablet as Apple has proven, Google has learned, and others still try to emulate. This is Microsoft’s shot to do that and the jury hasn’t even been selected much less begun deliberations. On the other hand my powers of prediction could very well be failing me. 😉

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  9. Salvoconduto:Há-de bater!…Maria:É uma “cansêra” boa!Kaótica:Essa é mais uma, sim.Campaniça:Quem me dera!… ☺Antuã:Pelo menos parece…Orlando Gonçalves:Que diabo! Pelo menos alguns hão-de abrir os olhos.Manuela:Lembrar o estado do país antes da crise é um exercício de memoria já bastante difícil para alguns… impossível para muitos, infelizmente.Maria Povo:Cada dia será um dia…BlueVelvet:Baixar-lhe a crista arrogante, já será um bom passo.Aristides:Há tantos anos!…Abreijos colectivos!

  10. O texto abaixo é do site do Terra, este cara está pregando a desobediencia aos poderes da republica, acho que está na hora de coloca-lo a ferros. JarjuraNão vou me calar 'nem na solitária', diz Dirceu em ato contra STF30 de Janeiro de 2013 • 22h47 • atualizado às 23h41

  11. Acho que comparar 2012 aos anos 90 é um exagero. Me lembro de 2007, um ano terrível no qual muita gente secadora dizia que o Inter voltaria à sua realidade de sofrimento e frustação da última década. Bem, depois disso, ganhamos 2 Recopas, Copa Dubai, 3 Gauchões, Copa Sul-Americana e Libertadores. E só pra lembrar: Nesse mesmo ano, o Grêmio fazia uma temporada ESPETACULAR sendo vice-campeão da Libertadores e brigando pelo título do Brasileiro. Ou seja, 2012 nada mais é do que um “novo 2007″.

  12. Ok lets take it back then Phil, Cllr Stacey took£5 million to improve Greenford (Good for Greenford the scheme was called, ahem)So surely these box junctions recoup the spend If you walk about, the number 1 issue is traffic for residents/businessesthis was expressed before the scheme started,but instead lets give paving and trees to Greenford, we cant improve traffic so hopefully this greenery will keep them quiet.and now you report on traffic box junctionsdefeinitely a link here..

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  16. A source of hope among my preps is the knowledge that in the midst of disaster, death and turmoil, my grandchildren will be able to think such normal thoughts as “Today is Thursday, it’s TACO NIGHT!” , or to be able to sit them all in front of the battery powered DVD player with fresh popped popcorn or around the fire (security allowing) making pie iron goodies. It would be ironic if collapse leads to tighter family, friend and neighborhood units.

  17. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!…

  18. Lydia,“…Acts 29 or SGM or anything resembling what comes out of those cults.”That’s a pretty broad sweep. I know pretty well several Acts 29 churches. Cults? Not even in the same universe as a cult. That was a pretty sad broad sweep Lydia, even coming from you.Les

  19. Je suis très exactement du même avis que toi…J’ai pris le train dernièrement et dans la voiture il y avait quatre personnes qui lisaient le même roman… une affaire de crocodile et de central park…et je me suis fait la reflexion que je ne voudrais vraiment pas lire ca !

  20. Nie idzie inaczej, tylko maÅ‚y krok i dalej maÅ‚y …Wielkie kroki sÄ… jak na ten czas w sferze marzeÅ„. PoprzestaÅ„my na maÅ‚ych krokach, jak mróweczki noszÄ…cy cegieÅ‚ki. KÅ‚aniam siÄ™ chylÄ…c mego kapelusza serdecznie pozdrawiajÄ…c

  21. Widziałam już zdjęcia tej rodzinki chyba właśnie wtedy jak ten chłopczyk był taki malutki. Piekne zdjęcia, zarówno tamte i te. Dobrze, że powstał ten blog, bo wkońcu mozna do Pani co nieco napisać i pochwalić małych modeli Pozdrawiam Panią i wesołą rodzinkę.m.

  22. “amo parlare con il cuore”se per questo “Dal di dentro infatti, cioè dal cuore degli uomini, escono i propositi di male: impurità, furti, omicidi, 22adultèri, avidità, malvagità, inganno, dissolutezza, invidia, calunnia, superbia, stoltezza.” Mc 7“cercando di accogliere il Vangelo”Quale ? Perchè se non è quello tramandato dalla Chiesa non è vero Vangelo. E spetta ad essa darne la retta interpretazione.

  23. Wiecie, przypomniaÅ‚a mi siÄ™ taka jedna sentencja:„Kiedy jestem gÅ‚odny, jem. Kiedy jestem zmÄ™czony, kÅ‚adÄ™ siÄ™ spać”. Proste ale czy Å‚atwe do wykonania. Lub może należaÅ‚oby spytać: dlaczego tak trudno jest w ten sposób żyć? I czy to nie ma coÅ› wspólnego z wolnoÅ›ciÄ…?VA:F [1.9.22_1171](from 0 votes)

  24. Não concordo com o timing, o Bruno esteve muito mal e ainda mostra bastante ressentimento e um ligeiro sentimento de vingança para com a direcção actual, ainda por causa das eleições. Mas disse uma verdade…os resultados e qualidade do futebol podem estar bastante melhores, mas em termos de gestão financeiro podemos ir parar ao buraco se continuamos assim…

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  26. “More generally, the dominant ideology in the West is crumbling,…”You know, ranting like this, while offering absolutely no support for your statements, makes you look like an idiot. Are you?Some advice—please re-read what you have written before posting here, edit carefully, and do your best to produce coherent prose. Our readers will appreciate it.

  27. Me encanta tomarlo por las mananas, con mi taza preferida de nescafe por supuesto, y para terminar el dia no puede faltar mi cafesito para la merienda. 😉 mmmmm delicioso!!!

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  30. “theologians . . . too quick” ‘Tis indeed a problem. The best theological results are most often well after much musing. Maybe that’s what we can learn from a theoretical approach; to take the time it takes and let musing be the beginning of our theologizing.You have written well here.I also appreciate the reminder of “super symmetry.” Some theories have better names than others.

  31. as the referred maker of ‘understatement’ it may interest you to know that a currency ‘correction’ has been confidently predicted by economists for about two years now.The NZD needs to depreciate, but it is still being propped up at very high levels due to (1) high commodity prices (2) still very strong yield support and (3) record levels of offshore NZD denominated bond issuance (uridashi and eurokiwi). What is needed now is a catalyst for a depreciation, given the currency is over-valued – i think this will come from growth. once you see the economy plunging into a big black hole…

  32. با سلاممن فایل نامبرم را شهریورماه ۱۳۹۰بعد از ۲ماه گرفتم ودر حال حاضر خبری از نامه مصاحبه و امتحان تف نیست.آیا باید پیگیری کنم که وضعیت پرونده ام در چه حالی است یا خیر؟؟؟واز چه طریقی؟لطفا راهنمایی بفرماییدبا تشکر

  33. Victoria – thanks a million for your family history: methinks I count about six strands converging and Angus, being a Border Collie, surely has a very appropriate name 🙂 ! I can only provide 3-4: Swedish paternal grandmother, Baltic German maternal grandparents, originally from St Petersburg {!} and an Estonian landed gentleman for paternal grandfather! Born in Estonia, now a rather fervent Aussie – God bless the melange in the menage 🙂 ! And, after all this, please give Angus an extra pat for me!!

  34. Got my copy, its fantastic. It should come with a warning though. I laughed so hard I scared my cat who proceeded to claw me in retribution. Also I may have to find my inhaler, my laugh is taking on a distinctly barking quality…Can’t wait for the vamps!

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  38. Kentuckyn yliopisto on ehkä nyt heikoilla tässä. Gaskell ei ole YEC, hän on melko kovan luokan tutkija (Naturessa ym julkaissut 1980-luvulla ja 2010), sanoo hyväksyvänsä "teistic evolution" (ei tosin silti automaattisesti tarkoita nykyisen evoteorian hyväksyntää).Mustien aukkojen suhteen on melko vähäarvoista mitä ajattelee maan biologiasta.Ja Etelä-Carolinan yliopiston tähtit.proffana on AiG:n YEC Dr. Danny Faulkner.(Ja kreationistimuseon suhteen tuo Gaskell strategisesti olisi ehkä parempi kuin joku räväkkä ateisti.)

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  40. I agree with you that you no longer need to respond to my comment. I already debunk all your lies and comments of fact omission. I see that you are a good speller. I don’t meant disrespect you in anyway, because some of your comment you make show that you are a decent person just being misled by white thieves propaganda. I think you should stick with what you are good at.

  41. Nov02Jason Vander-Hoek They are not Christian in their conduct. And there is no statement of faith. They were founded on Christian principles, but Christian is a misnomer in the title. That’s not throwing any Christian affiliated with them under the bus, but rather being realistic about what CLAC represents as a whole, which is themselves. A company. Not Christ. Christ isn’t mentioned once on their website, save for the first C in the title.

  42. What i don’t realize is in reality how you are no longer actually a lot more smartly-favored than you might be right now. You are so intelligent. You know thus considerably with regards to this subject, produced me in my view believe it from a lot of various angles. Its like women and men aren’t involved until it is something to do with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs great. Always care for it up!

  43. Korgan,If you see what the other people posted, you will understand why I asked the question” did science do that too?”Giving sun as example, just one example of millinons example you can put it together and you will get one answer, it has to be God and one God only.

  44. Très bon résumé également, qui reprend les bases essentielles. En réponse au 1er commentaire, c’est sûr qu’il faut éviter le javascript. Mais il ne faut pas s’en servir pour justement mettre des liens uniquement pour les visiteurs : google comprend les liens javascript simple (du style …etc)

  45. Hoy andaba pelín troglodítico. Menos mal que se me ocurrió tomarme una deliciosa copa en esta taberna deliciosa. Ahora me encuentro más tranquilo. El murmullo del mar, que se escucha a lo lejos, las copichuelas, los taberneros, los parroquianos…Todo un lujo.Salud para todos.

  46. Pour l’avant-dernière photo (qui ressemble à une cible) c’est une image de synthèse!!! (mais je ne comprend pas ce quelle fait là !!!), on peut vérifier dans Google Earth en collant dans la zone recherche l’adresse qui apparait en cliquant sur l’image soit : 40.458679,93.31314 Puis descendre au niveau du sol et l’on peut voir des avions, des camions, des sphères, des murs, et un pylône. Dans quel but ????

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  48. //At same time, my question to those converted/su001000pporting terrorist are ‘what/how the innocent people killed in blasts will pay for the pain you suffered due to RSS or some set of Hindu folks’ //காவி பயங்கரவாதிகள் முஸ்லிம்களைக் கொன்றது ஏதோ முஸ்லிம்களுக்கான தனிப்பட்ட பிரச்சனை அல்ல. இது ஜனநாயகத்திற்கும் மனித உரிமைகளுக்கும் மொத்த சமூகத்துக்குமே எதிரான பிரச்சனை. காவிகளுக்கு எதிராக நாம் திரண்டெழுந்து போராடாமல் ‘நமக்கென்ன ஆச்சு’ என்று இருக்கும் வரை குண்டு வைப்பவனை கேள்வி கேட்கும் அருகதை நமக்கு இல்லையோவென தோன்றுகிறது.

  49. Hello 2:24Your idea sounds like the basis of an idea for a blog called ‘Extreme Sarcasm’. Maybe it would start a trend amongst creatives wearing sarcastic Tee-Shirts. Now they would have a really bizarre sense of post modern irony to them. But I fear that only one or two would appreciate them fully. But Oh! how they’d laugh.

  50. « Il se sent l’égal d’Emmanuelle Riva  »Ã©trange sentiment que celui de se sentir …. »l »Ã©gal » , d’une actrice dans un film …!l’actrice, elle, jouait un rôle prescrit !(Et cette idée d’égalité, (plutôt que d’identité, dans la référence ) et sinon , avant la catastrophe ? Et dans d’autre « relations », ?car là , il y a une relation « Ã©criture-lecture »

  51. I don’t know if you are going to find much better than Stewart, Nelson, and a first… Might be a good idea to wait… or he might get hurt and lose all value its a risky game to play. If you value Nelson as a top 20 WR , I think I would make that deal. But I also don’t see Mathews as surefire top 10 guy as many do..VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 1 vote)

  52. Ihana villi kuperkeikkaenkeli siellä! Hullulta tuntuisikin, jos olisi joka paikka kuukauden ajan täynnä lapsia houkuttelevia juttuja, mutta niihin ei saisi koskea, koska ne ovat koristeita. Eli hauskan ja aidon kuuloista joulunodotusta(no, ainakin joillain odotusta) siellä! 🙂

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  54. AncutzicabCarla, ai incearcat sa marinezi/condimentezi carnea? Nici sub forma de chiftele (cu multe legume – morcov, cartof, ardei, ceapa, fripte sau coapte la cuptor) sau perisoare (cu orez) nu le place? Eu vreau sa incerc sa ii fac domnisoarei mele o varianta de umplutura pentru clatitele cu carne: carne de vita fiarta si pasata, amestecata cu ceapa calita (pentru ea inabusita doar cu apa) si ou (pentru ea doar galbenus). Sunt curioasa daca ii place – unsa pe paine deocamdata, sub forma de coltunasi mai incolo.

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  60. … on what planet do you live? Overwhelmingly, the rude little rep from S. Carolina has been roundly denounced, by both sides of the aisle. No one is defending him. And, he acted like the impudent child he is by running out of the room and then saying "I'm sorry" as soon as he got called out for his rude behavior. Everyone agreed, the only one that looked the fool, was the S.Carolina representative….. Here is the thing you should reserve your glee for…. when health care reform passes, and it will….. it does not have an exclusion for stupid. So you will be covered, too.

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