Platform & Purpose

Identifying the cleanest method of event, opportunity and entertainment can be the “Brainstorming Session” that brings the most excitement and ideas. Even though it may be tempting to venture down every path and attempt all avenues, it is the events that have a solid purpose and platform that eventually have the greatest results for the cause.

Example; Rodger had just been diagnosed with cancer and his future was uncertain… A small team of friends grouped together in support of the family, he has a wife and 3 kids under 10.

Understanding “DODGER”, as he was affectionately know by his mates, loved a beer, a good laugh and the mighty tigers, Signature CAUSE worked with the group to secure a supportive venue, a classic comedian and a Tigers Player Player to draw attention to the event about to take place for him and his family.

Without the support of Signature CAUSE, this brainstorming session may have hit hurdles when the resources, skill set and contacts did not meet the expectations of the group.