Signature CAUSE

Signature CAUSE campaigns is the culmination of entertainers, sports celebrities, function venues and events managers that share the belief that worthwhile causes can be enhanced through affordable and structures solutions.

Year of experience in bespoke events management across the country helps us ensure charities and fund-raisers can reach more people and increase their value to associates.

In excess of $1 000 000 have been raised across 1000’s of events, each having a unique proposition and purpose for raising funds in support.

Successful events and platforms have a formula within but can also be High-Risk and time consuming for people with the best of intentions but lack the direction.


These are the three pillars behind efforts that bring together the maximum opportunities that essentially support the cause in mind.

Each effort is specific and holds importance to each individual, we are set-up to enhance the process and ensure the best results are achieved through the process.

We suggest that 8-10 weeks allows an adequate window of time between concept to completion however, we also understand that there can be times that these efforts require urgent attention… Whatever the availability, we will do all that’s available to ensure all the support needed is available and the event runs smoothly.

Once the above is secured, there’s not a lot left for the organisers to do other than, promote, engage and communicate to build an audience of like-minded people to help bring the event to life.

All profits will be detailed at the event and transferred to the nominated account with 48 hours with complete transparency surrounding every revenue stream including (but not limited to);

  1. Ticket Sales
  2. Corporate Inclusion
  3. Raffles & Profits
  4. Silent Auctions
  5. Live Auctions
  6. Experience Results
  7. Donations & On-Line Funding

Let us help you bring the Signature CAUSE to life and support someone that needs our help.

  • Registrations and securement must meet our strict regulations and processing requirements. Signature CAUSE is a sub-division of Signature SPORTS and is run in conjunction with Not-For-Profit rules and regulations of Australian Law.

Benjamin Charles