Promotions & Marketing

Once the venue and talent are secured, the management, structure and opportunity becomes essential towards ensuring the goals and targets are reached. The aim is to fulfil the purpose of supporting those that are in need most, clean and clever promotions brings this to life.

Marketing enhances the time, effort and energy that is required making successful events. Using some strategy to increase every opportunity is critically important in the build up to the planned day or night.

Example; Rodger had a large circle of friends that shared similar interests, most offered to be involved, all of them wanted to support.

Some lived interstate, some were occupied and most of them were going to attend the events as planned. Creating a platform for both donations, auction items and raffles now became essential to harness the goodwill and allow all to take action.

Signature CAUSE created a landing page and web address for the items to be displayed. LIVE auction items relating back to experience, the Mighty Tigers and the secured guest was on offer and raffles were segmented to ensure the donated items were utilised to the best of their ability.

Signature CAUSE also set up a support page for donations to be accepted on-line, all within the one page that was dedicated to Rodger and his family.